Dụng cụ nhận dạng sợi cáp quang

thiết bị nhận dạng sợi cáp quang


Phát hiện trực tiếp loai sợi/ Fiber Identification
-Sensitivity is improved by 10dB
(compared with the conventional model)Optical fiber with R15mm is applicable.- Tone signal detection capability- FDT-2 can detect modulated tone signal over traffic signal.
Fiber identification using tone
signal (270Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz
Dễ dàng gắn chặt vào đầu Adapter/ Compact Adapter Head
– Small and compact design
– Eliminates the work of changing adapter heads.
Hiển thị nguồn phát sáng sợi quang/ Visible Light Source
Built-in visible light source(650nm)Optical fiber can visually be tested with visible light.
An illumination is installed in the adapter head and a backlight is mounted on the LCD screen


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